NAOC Annual General Membership Meeting

Please register now for the NAOC Annual General Membership Meeting December 6 – 8, 2022 in Nashville, TN.

NOSSA MPPEH Training has been scheduled for the morning of Thursday 8th, please check Yes if you plan to attend the training so we can assure appropriate space is available. The training is required for all Navy personnel and contractors who process or certify MPPEH on Navy Contracts. 

This course provides general requirements training for Navy personnel who handle, inspect, process, transfer, recycle, or document the explosives safety status of MPPEH; such as scrap metal, munitions containers and packaging material, or expended cartridge casings. This course is based on the guidance provided in NAVSEA OP 5, Volume 1, Revision 7, Change 12 or latest Change/Revision.

Virtual 5K to raise funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation. Because of the short notice hotel change, we will not be able to organize an in-person 5K. However, we are organizing a Virtual 5K! 

Online Registration is now open through noon 17 November for the Virtual NAOC 5K Run/Walk. If you register before the 17th you will receive your shirt at the annual meeting. If you are not attending the annual meeting, or would like to register after the 17th  then your shirt will be mailed to you. (must contact Nicole Sharkey or Shawn Corcoran for late sign-ups). Registration Link:

If you do not want to participate but would like to donate additional funds you can do that here: Donation only Link:

Note: There is no registration fee for Government Attendees, and no fee for attendees from Member Companies.

Non-NAOC members can attend the General Membership Meeting Technical Sessions for a $650 Fee (Guests are excluded from the Board of Director Meetings). Please contact the Member Services Chairperson or the Treasurer for questions or to be invoiced for the Guest fee. If you refer a Guest, then your Company can receive a $100 discount off of your Membership Dues.

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