The National Association of Ordnance Contractors is the industry trade association representing companies who perform munitions response and related services globally. Our membership consists of over 80 companies in three categories: Very Small (less than $5 million in annual revenue), Small (less than 500 employees) and Large (greater than 500 employees).

All companies are eligible to apply. Membership is awarded upon approval of the Board of Directors. Membership dues rate structure is commensurate to business size and payable on a quarterly basis.

To request a copy of the NAOC's "Articles of Association" please contact NAOC's Secretary at [email protected].

NAOC Application

Top 10 Reasons to Join NAOC

1. ACCESS to Government and industry decision makers

2. PARTNERING opportunities with key clients

3. NETWORKING with a strong portfolio of munitions response companies

4. INFLUENCE program funding and industry standards

5. EXPOSURE to evolving industry technologies

6. TIMELY UPDATES on explosives safety and technology-related guidance

7. INFORMATION exchanges on all aspects on munitions response


9. TRAINING opportunities on new technologies and guidance

10. BEING A PART of a nationally recognized leader in munitions response

Annual Membership Dues

Large Business: $3,850
Small Business: $2,750
Very Small Business: $1,375